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Save 60% of your water needs and keep your lawn green and lush. Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION.
Water worries for California aren't going away.  Many residents are looking for answers to their watering needs. Let's face it: Arid drought landscapes featuring rock and bark aren't usually an attractive choice.  And artificial turf is, well, extremely artificial looking, as well as ridiculously hot.
So what if you could have a lush, beautiful green lawn of real grass and not have to worry about the water waste?
Well, it's not only possible, it's here.


Planet Irrigation is the area's only expert in subsurface lawn irrigation. This revolutionary technique can save you a minimum of 60% of the water use over normal sprinkler systems by watering your lawn from BELOW with a unique irrigation system. So if your neighborhood is enforcing watering bans to specific days, your lawn will stay green while the others in the neighborhood go brown.
Here’s even better news: If you’re happy with the shape of your current lawn, we are able to install the system and SAVE your current turf.  Or, we can install new sod, including many drought-busting varieties that will save you even more water.
Planet Irrigation is dedicated to helping spread this technology, keep California greener, and save water.

Why Subsurface Drip Irrigation?

• No water loss from evaporation
• No overspray even in small or irregular areas or on nearby windows
• The system is not subject to damage from foot and vehicle traffic or vandalism
• No runoff on slopes, and no water on sidewalks or fences
• The number of valves can be reduced—more area can be watered with less available flow
• Emitter line spacing, and thus precipitation rate, can be adjusted to account for berms, slopes and flat areas
• Grass roots grow deeper to seek the water, making the lawn more drought resistant, and reducing thatch build up
Want to know how it works? CLICK HERE
By the way, we can save you even more water by installing a unique greywater catch system. CLICK HERE

Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Boost your curb appeal and enjoy your natural surroundings! Our expert team can make any yard into a lush, verdant oasis. Call today.


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