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Subsurface Drip Irrigation is the slow, precise application of water to a lawn or garden’s root zone. It has been used in arid countries like Australia and Israel for decades with great success. Planet Irrigation is proud to deliver this cutting-edge irrigation technique to the Central Valley.
How does it work? The system uses tubing that is trenched below the grass surface.  These tubes deliver water directly to the root system, where water is needed. Grass blades do not need watering, so getting the water directly to the root system is a more reliable way of ensuring the turf is getting water where water is needed.  It’s also far more efficient because it’s unaffected by wind or evaporation. This results in up to 60 percent less water use than conventional overhead sprinklers.
Compared with sprinkler irrigation, where water from the surface relies on gravity to infiltrate the root system, subsurface irrigation allows you to put water right where you need it. Think of it like a gas tank for a car which enables you to distribute gas directly to the engine where it is needed to run. Subsurface irrigation allows you to put water in the turfs “gas tank” so it can be delivered to the roots, right where the water is needed.

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